We can deliver your cargo from any point in the world so that it will be accepted in all ports and result in safe smooth delivery.

We will coordinate cargo  transportation from all over the world via Balitc, Black Sea and East-Asian sea ports.

Multimodal transportation – a complex method of cargo delivery using several transport modes at once- land, sea, railway, etc. If there is no opportunity to deliver cargo to final destination by one transport mode , multimodal transportation is  the most practical and  flexible o option.

The advantage of multimodal transportation is  that  one company is engaged in it’s  organization   from the beginning to the end . In other words , one  logistic provider is responsible for cargo delivery .

Multimodal transportation – complex logistic  aim, the organization  of which is better to entrust to professionals with many years of experience in logistics.

Multimodal transportation  require well planned  route and competent  legal registration. Cargo is controlled on each stage of transportation



Our company carries out international transportation, which involves various types of transport – such as sea, railway and automobile.

ESD is the expert in all aspects of transportation of specialized equipment – from bulk cargo and oversized up to standard, including transportation in special containers:

  • — open top,
  • — flat rack,
  • — temperature-regulated cargo,

We will coordinate the whole transportation process from the ports on Black Sea, Baltic Sea and Asian coast.

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