We can deliver your cargo from any point of Europe and Asia in full accordance with all your requirements on price and term of delivery.

Trucking services are very popular due to accessibility to a big variety of clients – starting from large-scale enterprises with their demand for transportation of oversized cargoes, and up to private individuals who ordered some items from internet.

Transportation by railway or by air are implied consolidation of shipments – it means that your shipment will wait before the full wagon or craft is staffed. Transportation by truck will permit to send the shipment at any time you need that makes this way of transportation more convenient.
Another evident advantage of trucking is simple and prompt documentation.

ESD Company offers reliable and efficient trucking services from Europe, Asia and former CIS countries. Our professional staff will help to choose the most appropriate mode of transport for your shipment, assist in execution of documents and deliver your shipment in time to the specified destination



ESD offers better terms of delivery, better quality work and competitive prices.

We have various types of transport modes (open platforms, flat platforms, special equipment for oversized cargo, refrigerators).

Trucks enable to transport ADR cargoes.

Consolidation / Gruppage services

  • — we can offer independent surveyor services with Photo and Act of loading.

Cargo inspection at the place of loading.

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